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Why Choose Ultima Systems?

1. Growth Path

If you've been looking for a hosting partner to grow with then you've come to the right place. Our focus is to help you grow your business. Your success is our success. Most hosts oversell their services have a high churn rate and aren't interested in your growth. Ultima though is focused on helping you grow which is why we have a carefully planned Growth Path. Many of our clients start out with a small reseller plan and then grow into an IVPS plan. Clients then start reselling VPS plans. Once they have grown large enough they can move to a dedicated server which hosts these VPS. Often times these clients turn out to be bigger and more successful than us! That's fine with us. Our business model is to provide the support and path to help you reach your business potential. We are more than a host. We are your hosting partner.

2. Our Servers

Overselling isn't allowed on our servers. This is the same for our Reseller plans. You will never find $5 per month all you can eat at Ultima. We believe quality is the best option in the long run. Our 100% DELL servers are equipped with the latest hosting technology including: Windows 2008, IIS 7.5, WebsitePanel, .Net 2.0, .Net 3.5, .Net 4.0, SilverLight, PHP 5.x, MSSQL 2008, MySQL 5.x, Sharepoint 3.0 and FrontPage Extensions 2008. All USA servers are hosted at our 99.9% uptime Dallas data center with failover SimpleDNS and SmarterMail Servers located in our European and Australian data centers.

3. 100% SLA Network

First-Class, super fast network optimized for performance and redundancy: guaranteed - without latency or packet loss, thanks to our Gigabit Ethernet connections and Internap Flow Control Platform (FCP). Read more...

4. 24 x 7 Worldwide Support

Our 24 x 7 Support Philosophy is Simple: Our goal is to make ourselves redundant. We hope you never notice we are here. We definitely don't want you to become friends with the support guy. If you never need to use support then we would consider our job well done. We have setup our servers and network to work. We don't want you wasting your time on technical issues, however if you do need us we will be here with a quick response to help you get back to your core business. Leave the hosting to us.

5. Worldwide Options For Local Solutions

We continue to grow our services worldwide and offer hosting solutions currently in the USA, UK, Germany, Canada and Australia. We aim to base you as close to your local market as possible. Next stop Switzerland, Singapore and Brazil. If our services are not in your country yet please contact us.

6. Ultima Has Been in Business Since 1993

Ultima Systems parent company was formed in 1993 with Ultima Systems being created in 2005 to service the hosting needs of its corporate clients. Both companies operate debt free and profitably.

7. One of the Most Creative Hosts on the Planet

At Ultima Systems we love what we do and are constantly innovating. You will find a lot of hosts copy our lead. We don't mind this. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. What the others can't copy though is our creativity and flexibility. This is 100% original Ultima.

8. Best Value

You get what you pay for. At Ultima we make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck. To ensure you receive value we don't include what you don't need. We can custom design plans and work to your budget. We ensure your ROI (return on investment) by tailoring and delivering the exact service you require.

9. Money Back Guarantee

If your not completely satisfied with Ultima Systems you will receive a 100% refund within 7 days. Excludes dedicated servers, SSL, Domain Names or Setup Fees.

10. Month to Month Billing

At Ultima we won't lock you into long term contracts and all of our plans come with month to month billing so you can make choice based on your business needs instead of contractual obligations. At Ultima you don't just pay for the year to be forgotten about. We work hard every day to make your hosting experience a positive one.

11. Partnership Hosting

True business success in any venture is based on well chosen partnerships. At Ultima we aim to be your perfect hosting partner by exhibiting a flexible, fair and growth orientated attitude. We are always here to fit your current and future needs. Unlike other hosting companies we won't force you into our mould. On the contrary we will encourage and support your growth and unique needs. At Ultima while the others are focusing on everyone, we focus on you.